About ASE

STEAM's mission is to provide cultural enrichment to the children of the Minot area though enjoyable exciting and creative experiences; focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.


In partnering with the Schools, STEAM’s After School Enrichment program (ASE); aims to provide opportunities wherein children can learn to make good choices, discover new past times and explore new ideas in an environment which is safe, supportive and creative.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How long does each program take?

A: Each program runs for 90 minutes directly following school, 1 day a week for 4 weeks.


Q: My child is interested in a program but it isn’t listed under my child’s school, will he be able to participate?

A: Every 4 weeks a new rotation of programs will be available at your school, chances are if it isn’t available 1 month it will be in the future. Children are not able to attend an ASE program at a school they are not currently enrolled in.


Q: Will there be a time for snack?

A: Yes, each program will have a specific amount of time set aside for snacks, however ASE does not provide a snack. Children must bring their own snack from home.


Q: Can I register my child for more than 1 program?

A: Yes, as long as that program is offered at your child(s) school. Registration is open to all children until the maximum number is reached.


Q: My child attends the CLC can they participate in the ASE program?

A: Yes, the program instructor will escort all children that attend the CLC program upon the completion of each class.


Q: Does my child need to bring any supplies?

A: ASE will provide all the materials needed for the program.


Berthold Elementary
Bell Elementary
Our Redeemers
Burlington-Des Lacs Elementary
Dakota Elementary
North Plains
Surrey School
South Prairie

2915 10th Street SW Ste. C

Minot, North Dakota



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